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Family Owned

We are a family owned business. Our founding principles are based on mutual respect and moral integrity.

High Quality

We take pride in producing high-demand and proprietary strains, and bringing unique processed products to our customers.

Hand Watered

We hand water and personally inspect each plant…part of our standard for handcrafted quality.

Advanced Technology

We use advanced environmental technologies to control temperature, humidity, and ph balance, and maintain a clean, healthy environment.

Natural Nutrients

We use organic, natural nutrients that build beneficial bacteria in the soil instead of synthetic chemical additives.

Harvested Weekly

We perpetually harvest to consistently bring fresh, quality product to the market.

Perfectly Cured

We take the proper time and care to curing our flower to ensure quality, potency and flavor of our flower.

Delicately Scultped

We carefully hand sculpt each flower before packaging. Because we care.